Player one flaps his wings with spacebar.  Player two flaps her wings with the enter key.  The winner is the one who eats more apples before the dragonfly dies.

Though the game is competitive and has a winner, a special reward is granted to those duos that manage to eat a combined total of 7 apples.

Programming by Daniel Fernandez and Dylan White
Art by Clint Hennesy Cagang
Music by Jon Nathan Aldemita

Made withUnity
TagsLocal multiplayer, Physics
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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Wow... Awesome game! :o Who ever thought of this design is a genius. ;) ;) ;)

It's quite a creature you've created for this game, due to the special mechanics it has. It's a funny game, but also frustrating. It's interesting that the two players must be able to cooperate, but they still only win by their own points. The special level is basically a "sudden death" mode; you get a lot of points, but the game is also more likely to end soon. On the other hand, if one player is in lead, they could just choose to quit all flapping, ending the game while they're ahead. I found the choice of music surprising, considering how intense game this is, but then again if fits the graphical style.

I'd like to invite this game to take part in our Game Development World Championship!